The most important thing to do: RELAX and have fun! Simply show up prepared and do your best.
Give us a call or send an email for any questions…Break a leg!

Audition Tips & Information

So what happens at an audition? At KCT we make the audition process simple and fun.

For our play productions, you will simply read cut sheets from the show. You will probably be asked to read for various roles. For our musical productions, you will need to prepare a few bars from any musical number that you choose. You can bring your music for an accompanist to play or you may also sing without accompaniment. Most directors will request a capella.

The usual rehearsal schedule for musicals and plays are Sunday through Thursday for approximately 2 hours, six to seven weeks prior to the opening date. This is at the Artistic Director’s discretion. Depending upon your role in the show, you may not have to attend all rehearsals. Attendance is mandatory the the week prior to opening night as well as for each performance date.

Audition Dates

December 13 & 14

Our next audition is for our Winter Show
WORKING (2012 Revised)

Please prepare a short (one minute or less) memorized monologue or poem, as well as a one minute excerpt from a Broadway musical.
Auditions will be by appointment only.
Watch this space for the link to audition!

There are many roles available for men and women, ages 16 to 65.
All those cast will sing and dance.