The Academy of Children’s Theatre, quality children’s theatre, by kids, for kids, embarks upon its 20th season providing children in the Kearney area educational opportunities in performance skills and technical theatre. Two stage productions and many workshops are offered throughout the year to K-12 students!

“Shakespeare Goes to Gravel Gulch”
June 12 & 13, 2021 (CHANGE) at 2:00 PM
Auditions: April 19 & 20

 “Shakespeare Goes to Gravel Gulch” has been moved to June 5 & 6. Auditions will be held on April 19 & 20 at 4:30 PM. Please choose ONE of the two days to attend. Auditions are open to all area 3rd-8th graders. Masks are required. No preparation is necessary. Tickets will be available through cast members only. Seating is limited due to social distancing policies for our theater this season.
The rehearsal schedule will be Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4:30-6:15 PM beginning April 26.

Shakespeare Goes to Gravel Gulch
Or… The Villain Drove A Bard Bargain

Written By Tim Kelly
Directed by Tiffany Stoiber

Ah, Shakespeare in the… Old West?! The lovely Sunny Day arrives in the small mining town of Gravel Gulch with a troupe of actors determined to bring culture to the locals. Unfortunately, the troupe of actors, headed by the conceited and shady Noble Hart, is enough to make a playwright cry. Sunny Day falls for Texas Ranger Johnny Lasso, who’s hot on the trail of a notorious crook masquerading under the name of Gentleman Dan, whose true identity is unknown. It’s almost as if he was a master of disguise, like… an actor, perhaps? Maybe the show isn’t all that Noble Heart and his cohort, the Duchess, are trying to steal! The troupe’s arrival thrills the townspeople, except Abagail Pettigrew, the richest person in town. She’s harboring a dark secret about her former occupation as Pogo, the Woman Who Can Walk Up and Down Stairs on Her Head. With more would-be outlaws, some stranded performing artists training to be window mannequins and a surprise ending, your audiences will be cheering, booing and holding their sides with laughter in this wild theatrical bonanza!